WebMD Worries About Privacy?

Aside from the value WebMD provides by telling you a hangnail is a symptom of brain cancer, you can now read all about the privacy concerns from the site that is well above average … in terms of the number of ad tracking and third-party cookies.

I make a point not to visit the site as it has so many ads and such poor design that it can bring the fastest computer to a crawl. Thus it was ironic to see this headline:

Privacy Concerns Hindering Digital Contact Tracing — WebMD

Here’s what Blacklight, the Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector found about WebMD:

Nothing wrong with this picture, huh? Skip WebMD and just call your doctor.

Facebook Threatens To Leave Europe

They make it sound like Facebook going away is a bad thing.

Facebook has threatened to pack up its toys and go home if European regulators don’t back down and let the social network get its own way. From a report: In a court filing in Dublin, Facebook said that a decision by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) would force the company to pull up stakes and leave the 410 million people who use Facebook and photo-sharing service Instagram in the lurch.

Read the full article at tech.slashdot.org.

2020 Finalists :: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Conservation through Competition

Fun! I’d love to be able to get wildlife shots like these.

The FINALISTS for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have just been ANNOUNCED!!  We have been overwhelmed by the standard of entries this year, and by the number!  Never have we had so many entries, and of such high quality, and the judges will now settle down to many hours of sifting, scoring and selecting (with the odd cup of tea, biscuit, and light snooze thrown in no doubt).

Read the full article at www.comedywildlifephoto.com.

Facebook to block news sharing in Australia if new law is passed

Let’s get every country to do this so we can significantly reduce the amount of misinformation on Facebook … and help publishers survive.

It is often said how social media has become the new way news spreads, sometimes even more quickly, but few actually consider the money involved there. From clicks to page views to ads, companies like Facebook and Google have perhaps taken the lion’s share of advertising profits, even when the content surfaced on their platforms come from other sources like news outlets.

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