Dec 222016


Imitation is the Insincerest Form of Fakery.

Chances are pretty good that you’ve either seen Facebook friend requests from someone you’re already friends with or you’ve received questions from your Facebook friends asking why you’re requesting to be their friend again. Confusing and scary, huh? Has Facebook been hacked? Does someone have your password? Is your memory going? Most likely, none of these apply (well, okay, I can’t confirm that you aren’t losing your memory…). So, what’s really going on? Continue reading »

Dec 282014

Looking for network monitoring of your home router and critical devices but can’t afford thousands of dollars for an enterprise-class (no, not Star Trek, think big business) event fault management system? Well, true to my name, I was looking for just such a solution.

Nasty security issues keep popping up all the time and they aren’t limited to the big boys like Target, Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase. Attacks can hit close to home like the Synolocker ransomware attack against Synology NAS users, the CryptoLocker ransomware attack against Microsoft Windows users, the shellshock vulnerability, and many others.

Scared yet? I certainly was. Read on to learn what I did…
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Sep 032014

Yes, you read that correctly. Creating and using secure passwords can actually be simple. With an understanding of how to make a password harder to crack through brute force (i.e., multiple, repeated attempts at guessing) and a password manager, you can greatly enhance the security of your passwords.

tl;dr – Longer passwords + a good password manager = simple security.

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May 292014

Yay! Hip-hip-hooray! Awesome! Cheers!

So what?

Well, I like this new version. I hope you will too. I put a lot more thought into how to make it easier to maintain and make your Day One entries nicer. Here are the key new features:

  • Added functionality to create Day One entries directly. 
  • The Day One command line tool is no longer needed. 
  • Since I write directly to Day One, I can create native Day One tags, too! 
  • Saving photos to Day One works with any recipe that can provide a URL to a photo 
  • Large photos can be compressed to save space. This is configurable. 
  • IFTTT recipe requirements are simpler and more flexible.
I’ve created a bunch of new IFTTT recipes that are designed for 2.0 (the old recipes won’t work). 
I’ve also created a new website dedicated to GiftttDy. This is where you’ll find setup instructions, recipes, information on how to create your own recipes and documentation on older versions for those who can’t get with the times.
See you over at the new GiftttDy Home Page.
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