2006 – Day 2

Well, I’ve made it through almost another whole day of 2006. This weekend was quite a mixed bag. While a good part of it was spent being lazy and playing on the PC, I did get some stuff done. I spent the past week at work and a few days at home refocusing on Getting Things Done (GTD). This approach to organization and time management has gotten me farther than anything else I’ve tried. I’m still hitting a few bumps getting full integrated, but it is already showing great results. If you wonder how some people seem to get so much done and yet are not stressed out, check it out. I’m starting to have people at work tell me they can’t figure out how I have time to do so much.

Speaking of time, somewhere between GTD and New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve already started some changes. I set up a workout routine and a goal to do either a multi-day bike tour or a marathon. I haven’t quite decided yet. I may try the bike tour first as a warm up for a marathon in 2007.

I’m also going to see if I can make a blog entry every day of the year! With my fascination with gadgets and my dislike for Bush, I should have plenty of material.

I also want to make time to catch up with old friends. The passing of my friend Kevin last October still troubles me from time to time. The best thing I can do in his memory is to keep in touch with all of the people who mean so much to me.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a run down on my latest episodes of gadgetcoma – the Logitech DiNovo Media Desktop Laser, Girder/NetRemote, and Stardock/Object Desktop.

I hope your year is going great so far!

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