2006 – Day 4

Okay, so maybe counting the days is getting old. At least it keeps me motivated.

So, what about the latest GadgetComa episodes? Well, let’s start with Girder. This software gives you the power to automate your home theater and much more. I currently have it controlling my Denon receiver and Windows XP Media Center 2005 PC. Think of it as a really expensive clock radio. It wakes me up by turning on the receiver and starting a quiet playlist of jazz, ramping up the volume every 15 minutes. It also turns on at night so there’s music playing when I get home. Lastly, it plays quiet music to go to sleep to and shuts off at 11:30. All of this without any programming!

Girder has the ability to control so many devices, I’m hoping to eventually automate many things in the house (lights, appliances, sprinkler system, etc.). I can even set up voice command!

Now if only it could add more hours to the day to play with it.

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