A Picture is Worth a Thousand Day One Entries

Big news, GiftttDy fans! Well, okay, anything related to GiftttDy can’t be that big I guess, unless someone wants to buy my code for a couple of billion dollars (Facebook? Bueller? Anyone?).

Anyhow, as you may have noticed with my Instagram and iOS photo recipes, I’ve figured out how to embed more than one photo in a Day One entry. The trick is a little behind the scenes HTML magic and an internet connection. I grab the link for the photo and wrap it in HTML code that tells Day One to display the image in your journal. An internet connection is required to see these photos, whereas with downloaded photos (the ‘one-photo-per-journal-entry’ variety), the photo is actually in the journal and can be viewed offline.

I plan on creating some new recipes to take advantage of this. As long as you don’t mind needing the connection to view them, you’ll love them (he says modestly). The other benefit to this approach is that the photos don’t take up space in your journal.

Stay tuned and as always, let me know your questions and ideas.