Aah, Relief. No More inDIGESTion.

A fix for the digest mode problem is here. The problem was that there is apparently a limit on how much text (including markdown) can be included in a single Day One entry. I’ve provide a fix that is really a bit of a workaround. If GiftttDy detects a digest entry is getting close to the limit, it will start a new digest entry. So, if you have a lot of posts on a single service, you may not get them in one Day One entry, but you’ll still greatly reduce the number of entries you’ll end up with.

This release also includes logic to delete a partial Day One entry if GiftttDy can’t download the associated photo. This most likely occurs when you have files to process in your Dropbox folder, but Hazel didn’t catch them before you went offline. This shouldn’t happen too often, but at least this way, you won’t get orphaned entries in Day One.