GiftttDy 4.0 is Here!

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. (No, not that moment, sheesh.)

GiftttDy 4.0 is here!

The big new feature is compatibility with Day One 2. If you’ve used GiftttDy from day one with Day One (ha!), you’ve had to keep the classic version running in parallel with Day One 2. Now, you can run GiftttDy without the classic version. For those who don’t have the classic version, you’ve not been able to use GiftttDy, but now, you can join the club. (Secret decoder ring not included.)

If you’re tired of my bad puns you want to get right to setting up the new version, head over to the updated installation guide. If you run into trouble, you can contact me here or check out the new GiftttDy subreddit.

Here’s a quick list of things to be aware of:

  • Compatible with Day One 2. (That means, this version won’t work with Day One Classic.)
  • Posts sent to GiftttDy are added to Day One 2 once a day now. Posts will not show up in your journal through out the day. (This was necessary as there is no other way to compile the lifestream into a single Day One entry per day.
  • GiftttDy only supports digest mode (by time or service). No more single mode or single service mode.
  • A new Hazel rule is set to run at 2:00am every morning to move the prior day’s lifestream post into Day One. Any data received after that will be processed as a separate Day One entry for the same day. You can play with the Hazel rule to change this. For example, set the time later if some entries come in late or even tell Hazel to ignore anything after the initial post for the day.

As always, I hope you enjoy using GiftttDy. It’s a lot of fun building it.