Oct 162017

Sorry for the drama, but I needed to get your attention. Over the next several days (likely starting today), you’re going to hear breathless stories from all sorts of media outlets (newspapers, cable news, Twitter, etc.) saying that most WiFi connections can easily be hacked.


Researchers have found a flaw that could allow hacking of the most-used type of WiFi. But, they don’t believe hackers are using this technique yet. Also, most people should think about how likely it is that someone would try to hack their home WiFi. Continue reading »

Apr 022017

An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal tried to portray the concern over elimination of the FCC broadband privacy rule as “phony .. panic.” Aside from the fact that no sources were provided to back claims by the author, the claims just don’t make sense. I guess that’s why the author of this opinion piece didn’t put their name on the article. Let’s take a closer look.

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Mar 312017
World Backup Day - March 31, 2017

Okay, yes. I am geeky enough to celebrate a day for backing up your computer. But, seriously, this is important. We have so much valuable data that we store on our phones, tablets, computers, and social media, yet few people really make sure it’s safe. It’s all too easy for data to go bye-bye – your device gets stolen, your account gets hacked, your hard drive fails … the list goes on and on.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) scared you sufficiently, lets talk about how to deal with this. Continue reading »