Tag You’re Not It – A GiftttDy Update

A new Day One update is out with some nice new features, but it introduced a cosmetic issue for GiftttDy. A trick I used to manage data relied on the html bookmark tag. I used it because it was unique enough to parse for, but when html is rendered, this tag doesn’t show up. Well, it shouldn’t but for some reason, the new Day One is showing it. I’ve reported it to them as a bug, so hopefully, they’ll fix it soon. Still, I know that this tag has always showed up in the list of Day One posts, even if it didn’t appear in the full post until now. So, I’ve made a change to get rid of this eyesore.

Download the latest version and copy it to your Applications folder. No need to run Configurator or make any other changes. This fix is backward compatible with the prior 2.x versions of Day One.