Goodbye Comcast

Last week, RCN (formerly Starpower) installed my cable TV service to replace the awful service I was getting from Comcast. The Comcast signal was constantly dropping out on HD and digital channels. I was also losing audio and on demand services. Comcast never figured it out after almost a year of trying. Now, RCN, using the same set-top box and the same house wiring (obviously) is working fine.

Today, Verizon installed FIOS internet. The installers were very professional and did a fantastic job. I have a structured wiring box which they took advantage of – carefully placing the wires, router, power supply and all. It looks quite nice (from a geek’s perspective, of course).

Now it’s time to cancel Comcast and wait for FIOS TV!!

Another weekend is here

This is going to be a recharge weekend. I think I’ll spend some time scanning old high school pictures for the Kevin photo gallery and work on some projects I have been putting off.

I did finally give up on Comcast. Yesterday, we switched our cable TV service over to RCN (formerly StarPower). Miraculously, even though RCN uses the exact same Motorola set-top box and the exact same house wiring, the signal quality is perfectly fine and there are no audio or video dropout problems. I guess after a year of putting up with Comcast’s incompetence and utter lack of concern about their customers, I’ve discovered that I was right all along.

Next Monday, Verizon is installing FIOS internet (YIPPEE!!!). Then I can tell Comcast exactly what to do with their service.