To Boldy Go Without Bold and a Parse(c) Fix

Wow. That post title stretched so much it hurt. Good. That’s is how it should be. The needs of the many ….

A few people have asked if GiftttDy could be configured to not make the title of the entry bold. They use the auto-bold first line feature of Day One and GiftttDy was conflicting with this setting. In the interests of piece for all members of the Federation, I’ve added  configuration option to turn off bolding. Because of this change, you have to rerun the GiftttDy Configurator, otherwise, GiftttDy’s warp core will breach. Well, it really won’t since there’s no dilithium, but that’s another anti-matter.

I’ve also fixed some path name parsing so GiftttDy will work with the new Day One Sync option. This should also fix problems some of you have had with custom locations for Dropbox or the Day One journal. I’ve also hopefully fixed the problem with the Configurator not launching. This should save you a trip to the space dock.

As for the prior version of GiftttDy? It’s dead, Jim.