Date Night (How I Had to Fix Date Handling for My Day One Scripts)

Doesn't the title of this post make it seem much less geeky? I thought so.

While fixing my scripts yesterday, I really wanted to fix the date handling, but found that AppleScript isn't well-equipped for date acrobatics. So, I figured I'd cheat and use a shortcut. I know, I know, programmers never do this, but I broke with tradition. Anyhow, being the CDO* geek that I am, I couldn't live with this horrific compromise. So, after a bit of intensive, thorough, investigative research (i.e., Google), I found a way to manipulate the date so I can properly handle the math and not have to write my own logic for counting days in the month, leap year, Y3K, Jan 1 1980 and all that other fun stuff.

The IFTTT rules are unchanged this time. You're welcome.

Comments, wisecracks, compliments and WAV files of laughter are welcome, as usual.

*CDO = OCD but with the letters in the right damn order!!!