GiftttDy 2.0 has arrived!

Yay! Hip-hip-hooray! Awesome! Cheers!

So what?

Well, I like this new version. I hope you will too. I put a lot more thought into how to make it easier to maintain and make your Day One entries nicer. Here are the key new features:

  • Added functionality to create Day One entries directly.
  • The Day One command line tool is no longer needed.
  • Since I write directly to Day One, I can create native Day One tags, too!
  • Saving photos to Day One works with any recipe that can provide a URL to a photo
  • Large photos can be compressed to save space. This is configurable.
  • IFTTT recipe requirements are simpler and more flexible.
I’ve created a bunch of new IFTTT recipes that are designed for 2.0 (the old recipes won’t work).