Give Me Credit .. or Not :(


Per request, I’ve sadly made a change to GiftttDy that let’s you take all of the credit for entries in your Day One journal. No longer must you be plagued with the GiftttDy tag flaunting itself in your face, reminding you of the hours I spend over a hot keyboard. Don’t worry about me though, I’ll just pout by myself in the corner.

Seriously, I understand that some of you like to keep your Day One tags pristine. While others have asked for the GiftttDy tag to identify the entries created by the script, not everyone is as enlightened wants to do this. So, I’ve added an option to set a flag to turn off the GiftttDy tags. (I really don’t mind. I get satisfaction from the kind comments and donations from my adoring fans.) Open the script and check out the instructions near the beginning of the code. It’s really pretty simple to change.

I’ve also fixed another issue with finding the Day One files in Dropbox. The script fails if your Dropbox path has parentheses in it.