Learn Who You Are Automatically

Learn who you are automatically? Ooh, that sounds all soft and squishy, doesn’t it? Well, learning about yourself is what quantified self is all about. I don’t claim that GiftttDy is the ultimate tool for this, but as I’ve connected more services to GiftttDy, I’ve started to gain insights into what I do online. As more trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone UP and others connect into IFTTT, the possibilities for tracking offline activities grow. (Yes, I do spend time offline.)

Continuing to look at the collected data in new ways is fascinating to me. For example, I’m looking at the posts I make compared to exercise and sleep habits. Am I more active online when I’m well-rested? Does exercise give me energy to do more things online, take more photos, do more coding for GiftttDy? I don’t know yet, but I’m seeing more possibilities. It only makes me want to explore more.

This article from the Metalifestream blog gives a glimpse of what’s possible. Even though it’s from 2011, the explanations are good. It’s interesting to see how much has happened in this space since then.