Looking for stimulation (intellectual, that is)? TED Talks is worthyour time.

It’s been a while since I blogged about TED. Actually, it’s been a while since I blogged about anything. I recently got back into TED while stuck in Detroit airport for a 4 hour layover. The huge variety of topics in their video library makes it easy to absorb idle time.

What fascinated me most this time was a presentation by Aaron Koblin titled “Artfully visualizing our humanity.” It’s amazing to watch how he represents data and input from large groups of people. Two projects in particular stood out.

The first is a crowdsourced interpretation of a Johnny Cash video – The Johnny Cash Project – where people submit their own renderings of frames of the video that get pieced together. There are a lot of interactive features in this one, so spend some time playing with it.

The second project – The Wilderness Downtown – is another music video. This one asks you to enter the address of the home where you grew up. It uses this to grab satellite and Google street view photos that it integrates into a personalized video. It’s based on HTML 5, so make sure you have a current browser and reasonable computing power.


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