Lying about the past to protect the right to waste

The SUV Owners of America has decided that lying is the best way to protect their right to waste energy and stall any attempt at saving the environment, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and potentially helping the auto industry. They have started an ad campaign that claims the energy crisis of 1973 was caused by energy taxes and overzealous environmental restrictions. They warn that higher fuel economy standards will lead to more lines at the pump.. Huh?

What a load of BS! It amazes me that these people think they can simply ignore history. The long lines at the pump were caused by the oil embargo imposed by certain middle eastern countries that wanted to punish supporters of Israel. The Republican administration of the day used the issue to push through the Alaska pipeline and other nods to big oil just like Bush is doing today.

It’s time we took back our country from the greedy oil companies!

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