Mac OS X 10.7?

Is Mac OS X 10.7 out there somewhere? Thanks to release notes for beaTunes courtesy of MacUpdate, it appears that someone may have been working with 10.7 already. Naah, I’m sure it’s just a typo.

beaTunes on your Watch List has been updated.

Update Details:

Product:      beaTunes
New Version:  2.1.6
File Size:    19.5 MB
Link:         <>
Description:  Analyzes your iTunes library to build better playlists.

What’s New:   Version 2.1.6:

+ Fixed problem with iTunes/beaTunes sync
+ Improved playlisttree view
+ Small UI fix for Java update on OS X
+ Matchlist creation progress dialog fix
+ Improved Lyricsfly escaping, and speed
+ Small UI fix for OS X 10.7

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