New Recipes and Stupid Punctuation

Thanks for the feedback on new recipes you’d like to have for your lifestreaming with GiftttDy. I’ve started adding some new recipes and have many more to add. Recent additions include iOS photos (front and rear camera) linked (vs downloaded), Foursquare with maps and Flickr posts. On my list to do are Flickr favorites, Instapaper, YouTube, Vimeo, 500px, Readability, SoundCloud, Bitly, Buffer, Buzzed, Delicious, Digg, Nike and Pinboard. I guess I won’t be bored any time soon!

I’ve also updated the GiftttDy script to fix a problem with services that put ‘smart’ punctuation in their feeds. I’m not sure who decided to call them ‘smart,’ but these are the cutsie quotation marks that curl in or out to make it typographically (a.k.a. anal-retentively) correct – showing the beginning and end of a quote. These ‘smarts’ were causing the script to fail, so I’ve dumbed it down a bit by replacing them with plain old stupid quotes. You know, quotes for the 99%.