Progress for the Sake of Progress Must Be Encouraged

Muggle at WorkSince I teased you with a post about a big new update almost two weeks ago (use your time turner to go see it in real time), I thought it was about time to update you on my progress.

I’ve been working my muggle technology magic to update GiftttDy so it could write updates directly to Day One 2 without the need for Day One Classic. I have the main GiftttDy code working quite nicely, thank you. I’ve also updated the Configurator since there are changes to the setup required, including a new Hazel rule. Most invasively (hold onto your hippogriff) you’re going to need to use new IFTTT applets.

About that … The changes I made to GiftttDy have simplified the code and sent some old, not-so-popular features to Azkaban. Keeping compatibility required a lot of complex code and many of the old features have been sherlocked by Day One. The other bad news is that IFTTT no longer supports sharing of recipes. This means you’ll have to create them from scratch yourself, but you can reuse your existing applets with a few minor changes. I’m looking into a way to make the process easier.

At this point, I’ve got the new version up and running for a few days of testing. Once I’m confident I’ve chased away all of the nargles, I’ll update the installation guide and provide details on what’s changed, how to update your applets, and whatever other silly Harry Potter references I can come up with.