Not Quite Getting Things Done

I had a bit of a challenge on Friday trying to get things done. I sat down at my computer and stared at my inbox, task list and notes with no clue what to do next. I looked through everything briefly and felt like I had not been doing my GTD homework (esp. the weekly review) for years. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever completely done the weekly review. I seem to always get distracted during the process and start working on the next actions.

I think the key to getting out of this daze was to ask myself what one next action could I do to get back on track? I realized that it was time to start the weekly review and keep at it until it was done completely. As soon as I made this decision, someone came into my office with the first fire drill of the day. At least I managed to get back to the review and kept the promise that I made to myself.

Now it’s Sunday and I’m still working through the review. No wonder I haven’t gotten farther in my GTD adoption yet. I will get this review done! I have a business trip starting tomorrow, so I’ll use the time on the plane to make sure I finish.

Wish me luck!

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