Chchchch-changes to IFTTT


All good things must come to an end (some bad things too, but not enough of them – think elections). Don’t worry, GiftttDy isn’t going anywhere. Sadly, IFTTT is discontinuing some Channels that I use for my lifestream and have published recipes to share with fellow GiftttDy users.

In an email from March 9, IFTTT Support announced effective March 23, they will discontinue the following Channels:, BuzzFeed, Campfire, Diigo, Etsy, ffffound,, Readability, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and Yammer. I had been using, and Readability. Recipes were published for these as well.

In some cases, you may be able to continue getting information from these sources into Day One via GiftttDy if they support RSS. used to, but it appears to be unavailable right now. If that changes, I’ll look into creating RSS recipes for it. I’ll be checking the other sources for RSS too. Watch this space to learn more.