Point Reyes

From the Marin side of the bridge, we began the first of a series of slow winding drives back to the coast ending up in Point Reyes around lunch time. Maybe we weren‚Äôt prepared enough for our visit or didn’t give ourselves enough time, but it was a challenge finding a place for lunch. We finally found a funky pseudo-Mexican place in an old converted warehouse that had an unusual (but good) chicken Caesar salad and a shredded pork quesadilla. Then, we traveled the 20 mile access road out to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. It turns out that we really did allow enough time to visit the area. Aside from all of the ranches (translation: smelly cows), the lighthouse was closed on Tuesdays and even the steps to the observation deck were closed due to the wind. So, we dug in to keep from being blown into the ocean and took some pictures of the beautiful seashore. Around the south side of the peninsula we caught a glimpse of some sea lions hanging out on the rocks and making quite a lot of noise.

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