Sherlocked?The great team that brings us Day One just rolled out integration with IFTTT. So, like you’ve been able to do with GiftttDy, now you can create IFTTT recipes that create entries directly in Day One. This is really cool and much simpler than setting up GiftttDy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t yet support digest mode, so every IFTTT recipe that triggers creates a separate entry in Day One. With Day One 2.0 (which is required if you want to use IFTTT integration), you can create a separate journal for all of your lifestream entries, so maybe digest mode isn’t quite as necessary for some people.

If you still like digest mode and have the original version of Day One, stick with GiftttDy. I’m hoping Day One will eventually have digest mode capabilities. I’ve suggested this to the developers and I’m optimistic. They’re a great bunch.

You may have figured out by now that GiftttDy is at risk of being sherlocked. Well, I don’t care. I built GiftttDy because I wanted my lifestream in Day One the way I’ve set it up (i.e., digest mode). If Day One can do this natively, I’d be happy to give GiftttDy a nice send off. In fact, I’ve been encouraging Bloom Built to provide all the features of GiftttDy.

Here’s to future upgrades!