GiftttDy ala Mode – the Final (I Hope) Daily Mode Format.

In addition to the format shared in the last post, I’ve create another that will be used for daily mode entries grouped by service. Daily mode has turned out to be a popular request, but required a bit of fancy footwork (no Kevin Bacon references, please!). Halfway through, I discovered the need for not one, but two flavors of daily mode.

But before I reveal the format updates (don’t spoil the surprise by scrolling down yet!), let me take a step back and review all of the new features, bug fixes and other improvements in the upcoming version (release date TBD, but hopefully by the end of January):

  • Day One entries are created faster and there should be far fewer issues with special characters in your posts. This was accomplished by using higher-level property list function calls rather than shell commands.
  • GiftttDy no longer fails if you happen to delete an entry from Day One. Due to the way GiftttDy kept track of digest entries, if you deleted the entry in Day One, GiftttDy got confused. With a bit of extra logic, GiftttDy is smart enough to recover gracefully.
  • Consolidated all script options to the top of the script file and updated the documentation. This makes it easier to customize GiftttDy to your liking.
  • Refactored the code to make it a bit more manageable. (You may not care, but I do!)
  • Added a two new modes for how Day One entries are created. Previously, you had a choice between single mode and digest mode. Now you also have a daily mode by time and daily mode by service. Here’s are rundown of each mode:
    1. Single mode creates a new Day One entry for every post that you make (e.g., every tweet, Facebook status, Instagram photo, etc.).
    2. Digest mode creates a new Day One entry for each service you post to each day (e.g., one entry for all tweets, one for all Facebook statuses, etc.).
    3. Daily mode by time creates a Day One entry for each day. All posts you make throughout the day (regardless of service) are combined into this single entry and are added in chronological order.
    4. Daily mode by service creates a Day One entry for each day. All posts you make throughout the day (regardless of service) are combined into this single entry. Within this entry, the posts are grouped by service (e.g., all tweets together, all Facebook statuses together, etc.) and within each grouping, your posts are in chronological order. As an extra special bonus display of sophisticated programming prowess (a.k.a. luck), the groups are sorted in alphabetical order.

These screen shots show how the different modes appear in Day One (click an image to see a larger version):

Single Digest
Single Digest
Daily by Time Daily by Service
Daily by Time Daily by Service


There is still a lot of testing to be completed. I also need to create new IFTTT recipes to support daily mode. Yes, I’m sorry, but if you want to take advantage of daily mode, you’ll have to update your IFTTT recipes. Welcome to life on the bleeding edge. 🙂