Fun with Charts: Why Apple’s Services and Wearables are in the spotlight

Looks like the “iPhone company” is in trouble. 🤔

Every three months, we get to peer inside Apple’s business via the financial disclosures that are mandatory for American public corporations. (The company will reveal the specifics of its holiday quarter on January 28.)

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Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up

I’ve actually been using Apple Maps without issue for quite a while, but this would certainly be a welcome improvement.

’m not sure if you’re aware, but the launch of Apple Maps went poorly. After a rough first impression, an apology from the CEO, several years of patching holes with data partnerships and some glimmers of light with long-awaited transit directions and improvements in business, parking and place data, Apple Maps is still not where it needs to be to be considered a world class service.

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Leveraging Snapshots on APFS Volumes

Here’s some cool geekiness (or is it geeky coolness?). Advanced features of APFS are starting to become practical.

What is a snapshot? Snapshots are a new feature of Apple’s APFS filesystem, and they’re available on macOS High Sierra and later.

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11 Tips for Working on the iPad

Federico does it again. This is a great article for iPad users.

In a recent episode of Connected, we rounded up some of our favorite “iOS little wonders” and Myke was surprised by one of my picks: the ability to launch individual notes on iOS through shared links.

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Apple update brings RAW support for 6 new cameras – but not mine!

Dammit Apple! What have you got against Fuji’s very popular line of point-and-shoot cameras that have RAW capability? The Fuji FinePix F550EXR (and others in the series) is a great camera with tons of ease of use features, plus loads of manual controls. It makes a great second camera to go with a high-end DSLR. So, why can’t you support it, Apple?

Apple update brings RAW support for 6 new cameras

Mac OS X 10.7?

Is Mac OS X 10.7 out there somewhere? Thanks to release notes for beaTunes courtesy of MacUpdate, it appears that someone may have been working with 10.7 already. Naah, I’m sure it’s just a typo.

beaTunes on your Watch List has been updated.

Update Details:

Product:      beaTunes
New Version:  2.1.6
File Size:    19.5 MB
Link:         <>
Description:  Analyzes your iTunes library to build better playlists.

What’s New:   Version 2.1.6:

+ Fixed problem with iTunes/beaTunes sync
+ Improved playlisttree view
+ Small UI fix for Java update on OS X
+ Matchlist creation progress dialog fix
+ Improved Lyricsfly escaping, and speed
+ Small UI fix for OS X 10.7

Great Tool for Creating Passwords

Having trouble creating a password that is both secure and easy to remember? My favorite trick is to use numbers and symbols that look like letters to help you remember. This way you can create a password that looks much like a real word, but because of the numbers and symbols, it is very hard to crack. For example, you could change the word password to [email protected] The challenge of course, is coming up with good words and then substituting numbers and/or symbols for the right letters. That’s where Password Maker comes in. This Mac OS X Dashboard widget takes the word you type and automatically substitutes numbers and symbols for some of the letters. Voila – instant, easy security.