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The Mystery Spot

Today’s adventure started off at The Mystery Spot. Back in 1939, someone buying this land in Santa Cruz County, California discovered some odd properties. Many aspects of gravity and perspective don’t quite work the way you would expect. Is it real or is it a hoax? Many have analyzed it, but no one has proven exactly what is going on....

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Mexican food? In California?

Of course, Mexican food in California. Darn good stuff too. We opted for El Palomar in Santa Cruz for pitchers of margaritas and maybe some food to go with that. 😉 The margaritas were quite tasty and so was the burrito de camerones (shrimp burrito). Now all I need to do is walk back to Aptos.

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We Made It (Summer Vacation – Day 2)

Better late then never. With all of the extra time available due to the flight change, we managed to make sure we didn’t forget anything and packed more than we really needed. So, we unpacked some. Talk about having too much time on your hands! The flight to San Francisco was actually pretty nice. United’s Economy Plus give much more...

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Summer Vacation – Day 1

Well, our summer vacation is off to a great start. Our flight was cancelled and we were booked on a flight 5 hours later. At least we found out before we left for the airport. So at least we don’t have to rush! I guess there is no point in trying to have a nice late afternoon walk on Seacliff...

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