The Human Touch – Customer Service Tip

Thanks to the Download Squad for turning me on to this tip:

Sick and tired of navigating automated response systems (a.k.a. computerized mazes) when calling for help, reservations, information, etc.? Many of these systems have ways to get to a human, but only after navigating menu after menu. Some really obnoxious systems try to make you think there is no option to talk to a human. They either don’t mention it at all or rattle off 6 or 8 menu options and pause for a few seconds – making you think that’s all of the options – and then finally announce the human option. Well, it’s time to put the screws to them. Thanks to gethuman website, you can now find how to get to a human being as quick as you can hit the keys on your phone.

I love the Internet! 🙂

Customer Service Sucks!

It’s truly amazing how bad customer service has gotten. I just can’t understand how companies can continue to ignore the customer simply because they are too cheap to properly train their call center agents. Or maybe it’s because too many people today don’t understand basic human decency and courtesy.

Case in point – Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC sent my mother a letter indicating that a bill for $37.15 that was supposed to be paid to Bethesda Emergency Associates for services rendered for my father on May 9, 2007 had not been paid. Turns out that the attentive people at Manor Care Bethesda nursing home failed to provide proper insurance information or address to Bethesda Emergency Associates. So the bills went to the nursing home. Did the nursing home bother to notify me or my mother? Nope. The bills just went unpaid until we received the letter from this ‘recovery group’ – whatever the hell that means. So, I called the ‘recovery group’ and tried to find out what was going on.

The first customer service issue (ignoring all of the crap that led up to this mess) was the person at Healthcare Revenue Group who would not let me finish talking before interrupting and telling me what to do. I’m amazed that they could be employing mind readers who don’t need to hear my question! So I explained what I knew and was told that the bill was mailed to the wrong address until it came to them. They found the right address. The whole tone of this conversation made it sound like my fault! I then pointed out that my father had Medicaid coverage so he shouldn’t even have been billed. The HRRG rep asked to speak to my father. I explained that he recently passed away. You would think any civil human being would at least say a simple “Oh, I’m sorry.” Nope. Don’t forget that this is the “I want my profit from healthcare” big corporation.

Anyhow, I then said that I hoped my mother’s credit rating would not be affected since this was a mistake by the healthcare provider. The only response I needed was a simple, “No, sir. There won’t be any problem for the credit report.” Nope, again. The “caring” HRRG rep said, “Did I say there would be anything placed on the credit report.” I’m sorry to say this, but I really wish my response had been “FUCK YOU.” I am the victim of incompetent health care providers. How dare you cop an attitude with me.

If you ever get stuck with this attitude, I encourage you to call these idiots on it. Aside from the sheer greed of pharmaceutical companies, HMOs and other healthcare big business, this messed up billing system with poor customer service and zero accountability is the biggest issue facing anyone trying to simply care for their health.

It’s time to make some noise about this. I’d love to hear your horror stories. Maybe someone will do something about this if we embarass these assholes enough.