Support Our Troops

Ready for something completely unthinkable and outrageous? All this time, people have been saying that anyone opposed to the illegal war in Iraq is not supporting the troops. Well, now the Army is the one who is not showing support. Check out this Washington Post article about a soldier who was arrested in the U.S. for assaulting a police officer. Based on his medical condition (diagnosed by Army doctors), it may not have been an assault at all – it could have been an epileptic siezure. So he may be innocent.

Of course, I don’t have anywhere near enough information to pass judgement about this man’s guilt or innocence, but if the Army doctors can provide information to ensure a fair trial, they should. Instead, they’d rather abandon someone who would have willing laid down his life for his country. Even worse, was a quote from an attorney-adviser at Walter Reed, which read “Our sole concern in this matter is to protect the interests of the United States Army.”

So to hell with the dedicated men and women who make the Army even possible!

Now who’s supporting the troops?

If this outrages you as much as it does me, please make a lot of noise about this! Write to your senators and representatives, local newspapers, etc.

How to train a soldier not to abuse another human

To start with, I want to make sure everyone understands that 1) I do not support George Bush’s war on Iraq, 2) I fully support the men and women who are serving in our armed forces. They have pledged to serve our country and whether I agree with the decision or not, I respect these people for holding true to their pledge and thank them for putting their lives on the line for us, 3) I fully believe that the majority of soldiers would not and have not abused any Iraqi prisoners. This is a horrible act by a very small percentage of our forces.

The thing I find puzzling is the response from our fearless leader Dubya and his gang. They are blaming the problem on lack of training and rushing to train soldiers on prisoner treatment or get ‘trained experts’ in place to manage the prisoners.

Excuse me, Mr. President. Exactly what type of training is required to ensure that a human being doesn’t force another human being to strip naked and lie on the floor?¡