Downlink 2.0: Custom Views of Earth

As much as I love science and Macs, how have I not heard of this before?

It’s been a few months since I launched Downlink, and since then I’ve put out a few nice updates—better handling of Spaces, multiple displays, and so on. But there was one big feature on my list that I’m happy to announce is now available: custom views of Earth!

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Leveraging Snapshots on APFS Volumes

Here’s some cool geekiness (or is it geeky coolness?). Advanced features of APFS are starting to become practical.

What is a snapshot? Snapshots are a new feature of Apple’s APFS filesystem, and they’re available on macOS High Sierra and later.

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Great Tool for Creating Passwords

Having trouble creating a password that is both secure and easy to remember? My favorite trick is to use numbers and symbols that look like letters to help you remember. This way you can create a password that looks much like a real word, but because of the numbers and symbols, it is very hard to crack. For example, you could change the word password to [email protected] The challenge of course, is coming up with good words and then substituting numbers and/or symbols for the right letters. That’s where Password Maker comes in. This Mac OS X Dashboard widget takes the word you type and automatically substitutes numbers and symbols for some of the letters. Voila – instant, easy security.

A Great Mac Tool for Digital Photographers (or Anyone Who Needs to Update Attributes!)

Since moving to the Mac, one of the things I’ve missed is a way to easily update the EXIF date for my digital photos. Photoshop won’t let me do it, nor will the Finder. If you think this isn’t a big deal, consider these problems:

  • Ever forget to set the time on your camera?
  • Have you modified photos and then find that iPhoto shows the out of order?
  • Do you have software that doesn’t read EXIF date but you want to sort by the date the picture was taken?

If you said yes to any of these, the you need A Better Finder Attributes. This software provides a number of different ways to update your files that Finder should have had. You can even set the changes you want to make and create a ‘droplet’ so you can just drag the files to the app and have them updated automatically.

Of course, there’s much more to it than changing EXIF date and file dates. You can modify a good number of attributes that normally require you to create some pretty ugly terminal command lines.

Plus, the developer is quite responsive to support requests.

Check it out today!