Photographer Captures Eagle and Fox Fighting Over Rabbit in Midair

Wow. I’d hope that I could react quickly enough to get a shot like this.

Wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi was out shooting a few days ago when he witnessed and photographed a crazy sight: a bald eagle and red fox fighting over a rabbit… in midair. While photographing the non-native foxes in San Juan Island National Historical Park on San Juan Island in Washington state, Ebi spotted a young red fox carrying a rabbit it had caught across a meadow.

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The Stuff That Only Photographers Can Say Without Getting Arrested

I decided not to read all of these jokes at once. It’s better to meter them out.

Photographers are non-violent people until they snap. One of our favorite things to do for amusement and learning here on The Phoblographer is to check out Reddit to see what our fellow photographers are talking about or getting busy with.

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Photos of a Starry Lightsaber Duel in the…

Photos of a Starry Lightsaber Duel in the World’s Largest Salt Flat

Here’s a light-painting photo shoot that Star Wars fans may appreciate: photographer Dominic Chiu visited the world’s largest salt flat and shot a series of photos showing a lightsaber duel under the reflected starry night sky. “Doing a set of Star Wars lightsaber pictures under billion of stars has always been my