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Support Our Troops

Ready for something completely unthinkable and outrageous? All this time, people have been saying that anyone opposed to the illegal war in Iraq is not supporting the troops. Well, now the Army is the one who is not showing support. Check out this Washington Post article about a soldier who was arrested in the U.S. for assaulting a police officer....

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Congress is quietly ruining the environment

In much the same way that the Bush administration is redefining science around cleaner air, medical studies and more, Congress managed to slip new language into the Endangered Species at. Some of the changes include: Defines “best available scientific data” as scientific data, regardless of source, that are available to the Secretary of the Interior at the time of a...

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Bush the liar, cheat, and incompetent

Nevermind the blame game. I’m sure they’ll be enough blame to cover everyone who could have done better helping the victims of Katrina. Let’s talk about Bush friends getting the first contracts for relief and rebuilding efforts. Or what about Bush suspending the law requiring minimum wage payment to workers in the areas hit by Katrina? How about FEMA’s bungling...

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