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Tom Sawyer

I’ve been walking around most of the day with Tom Sawyer from Moving Pictures going through my head. Haven’t had that happen for years.  

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Rush lyrics

I’m hearing the Rush lyrics in a whole different light. Maybe I didn’t remember them that well back then. (Many of you know the possible reason for that!) Or maybe I didn’t pay as much attention to some of them. But, Cinderella Man, Closer To The Heart, even 2112 have new meaning now. I don’t know why I haven’t listened...

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Announcing the Rushhouse!

After living in the new house for almost a year, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on the audio system. We have speaker wiring in 8 rooms, but haven’t been able to wire up all of the speakers because we needed an impedance matcher to avoid blowing up the receiver. Well, we’ve had the impedance matcher in a box for...

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The History of the Rushmobile

Back in 1980, after I had recently moved to Buffalo, a new friend introduced me to Rush. Very soon after getting into Permanent Waves, I went to my first ever rock concert – Rush, of course. Then came Moving Pictures around the same time a became close friends with Kevin. I hooked him on Rush and proceeded to do the...

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