Mobile Carrier Customer Service Ushers in SIM-Swap Fraud

It’s pretty ridiculous that you can do everything right to protect your account, but you cell carrier can’t ensure their staff are trained well enough to avoid social engineering. Or maybe they need to pay them enough so they’re not as open to bribes.

Weak challenge questions by customer service reps make it easy for fraudsters to hijack a phone line and bypass 2FA to breach accounts. Mobile carriers have left the door wide open to SIM-swap attacks, particularly when it comes to prepaid accounts, researchers have found.

Goodbye Comcast

Last week, RCN (formerly Starpower) installed my cable TV service to replace the awful service I was getting from Comcast. The Comcast signal was constantly dropping out on HD and digital channels. I was also losing audio and on demand services. Comcast never figured it out after almost a year of trying. Now, RCN, using the same set-top box and the same house wiring (obviously) is working fine.

Today, Verizon installed FIOS internet. The installers were very professional and did a fantastic job. I have a structured wiring box which they took advantage of – carefully placing the wires, router, power supply and all. It looks quite nice (from a geek’s perspective, of course).

Now it’s time to cancel Comcast and wait for FIOS TV!!