The Human Touch – Customer Service Tip

Thanks to the Download Squad for turning me on to this tip:

Sick and tired of navigating automated response systems (a.k.a. computerized mazes) when calling for help, reservations, information, etc.? Many of these systems have ways to get to a human, but only after navigating menu after menu. Some really obnoxious systems try to make you think there is no option to talk to a human. They either don’t mention it at all or rattle off 6 or 8 menu options and pause for a few seconds – making you think that’s all of the options – and then finally announce the human option. Well, it’s time to put the screws to them. Thanks to gethuman website, you can now find how to get to a human being as quick as you can hit the keys on your phone.

I love the Internet! 🙂

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