The Mystery Spot

Today’s adventure started off at The Mystery Spot. Back in 1939, someone buying this land in Santa Cruz County, California discovered some odd properties. Many aspects of gravity and perspective don’t quite work the way you would expect. Is it real or is it a hoax? Many have analyzed it, but no one has proven exactly what is going on. The working theory is that a UFO crash landed on the site and the power plant is buried beneath the ground. To me, it doesn’t matter. It was fun!

After this adventure, we went to our friend Jim’s office to see just exactly what it is he does. The company provides machines used to prepare a substrate for use in making chips and circuit boards. One of Jim’s coworkers gave us a demo of how the machines work. They basically create a huge vacuum (close to what you find in deep space) to remove all of the impurities before laying down the material that forms the substrate. It’s all controlled by a Windows XP PC hooked into various process control components. let’s hope it doesn’ blue screen! 🙂

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