This May Be Hard to Swallow – GiftttDy 2.7 Brings Digest Mode!

What in the world is digest mode? Does it chew my posts for me? Well, ew, no.

Digest mode is designed to combine posts for a service for a single day into one Day One entry. So, for example, all of your tweets for the day will go into one Day One entry in chronological order. This will work with any service except those that insert photos into Day One, because Day One only supports one photo per entry. If you try to use a photo recipe (e.g., Instagram) in digest mode, the first post of the day will have the photo show up in Day One, but the rest of the posts for the day will only have the captions. Kinda useless, huh? That’s why GiftttDy lets you choose when to use digest mode and when to stick with single mode.

GiftttDy 2.7 continues to work with all of the existing recipes. Plus, I’ve create a bunch of new shared recipes designed to support digest mode. All recipes can be found on my recipes page. I’ve also updated the recipe creation page so you know how to create your own digest mode recipes.

A few words of warning: digest mode makes use of the temporary directory (~/GiftttDy a.k.a. /Users/<yourusername>/GiftttDy) to keep track of posts for any digest mode recipes. It works this way to allow for posts sitting around on the Dropbox server if your Mac is offline. As soon as your Mac syncs with Dropbox, GiftttDy will find the entries for the day and create the digest mode Day One entry. Thanks to this model and the magic that is my brain (i.e., lots of wine), GiftttDy will be able to go back in time to create and update digest mode entries. Confused yet? Let me give you an example. Let’s say your Mac is offline for a week while you’re off traveling (I know, who travels without their Mac? Bear with me). When your Mac connects to Dropbox a week later, any posts you made on Twitter, Facebook, etc. will be synced. GiftttDy will see the date the tweet, Facebook post, etc. was made and will create a digest mode entry for that day! Smart, huh? The only limit to how far back in time GiftttDy will go is your hard disk space or – if you followed my suggestion – for however long you allow files to collect in the GiftttDy temporary directory. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you create a Hazel rule to clean out the temporary directory periodically. Configure this rule with a schedule that you want. Chances are you won’t need to keep files around longer than a few days or maybe a week, but it’s up to you.