It Was Bound to Happen… No More Boundaries

gold_infiniy_symbol_for_luck_by_emtotskee-d4pz54gAnnouncing GiftttDy 3.1 where less is more. I’ve lessened the code (so, I’ve learned my lesson) by removing the boundary that limits the size of Day One post. I had thought there was a limit on the file size. It turns out the issue was the way GiftttDy wrote the file.

Enough technical mumbo-jumbo. The bottom line is that you will no longer have digest (including daily) entries split into multiple entries. Everything fits in one entry now. This is especially nice for the daily mode.

Note: If you have installed 3.0 already, just copy the GiftttDy file to your Applications folder. No need to rerun the GiftttDy Configurator.