Two (ahem… Bugs) for the Price of One!

See how generous I am? I decided to rush the digest mode option out and give you two bugs for the price of one!

First, if you grabbed 2.7, please go get the new version (2.8) just posted. It fixes a stupid human trick of not using the right command to close a file. (DOH!)

Second, if you use the Foursquare digest mode recipe, please edit it to add a space before the last |||. Apparently, Applescript doesn’t like have a URL followed by the delimiter ||| without a space in between. It thinks the whole string is a URL, so it doesn’t see the parameter that tells GiftttDy this is a digest mode recipe. If it’s easier, you can just delete your Foursquare recipe and grab my shared recipe again – I’ve fixed it there.

Sorry for the inconvenience.