We Made It (Summer Vacation – Day 2)

Better late then never. With all of the extra time available due to the flight change, we managed to make sure we didn’t forget anything and packed more than we really needed. So, we unpacked some. Talk about having too much time on your hands!

The flight to San Francisco was actually pretty nice. United’s Economy Plus give much more legroom than before. (I think they are worried about JetBlue!) They’ve started a new thing with charging for food. I’ve always thought it would be better if they charged a reasonable fee (probably more than they used to spend on food) and get better food. Well, it looks like they are figuring it out. For $5, you can get a snack assortment that included organic whole wheat crackers, Bumblebee lemon pepper seasoned tuna, hummus, Stacy’s pita chips, some Gouda, raisins, and a small Toblerone bar. Not too bad!

After barely navigating our way out of the San Francisco Airport car rental area, we made our way down to Aptos. Too bad it was too late to go to Manny’s (a great Mexican restaurant with excellent margaritas!). There’s always tomorrow. Today, we’re planning on brunch at Shadowbrook. Then we will be fasting for a while!

Stay tuned for pictures from Shadowbrook – a beautiful garden setting.

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