The Sounds of Silence (or Crickets, If You Listen Carefully)

So, you’ve probably been wondering why there hasn’t been any news about GiftttDy in a long time. Well, partly, I’ve been busy. But, the main reason is there isn’t much to talk about. GiftttDy continues to work with Day One Classic* but not Day One 2 yet. Please don’t get upset at the Day One developers. They’ve been doing some great stuff and have added some features that previously only existed in GiftttDy. I’m still hoping to bring GiftttDy into this brave new world once Day One has an API. Until then, we’ll just have to sit tight.

*There’s an issue with the latest release of Day One 2 where GiftttDy entries show up as improperly rendered mark up code. I haven’t figured out what’s going on. In the meantime, if you edit and save the entry (no changes are needed), it will display correctly.