You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Lifestream in Day One

GiftttDy Has A New Home!

With the release of GiftttDy 2.0, I’ve established a new home for all things GiftttDy. You’ll find the new version along with new recipes that work with it.

P.S. Just to make sure you don’t end up with outdated code, I’m removing the code and recipes from the original blog post below. I’m leaving the rest of the content here for entertainment historical purposes.

As promised, here is my latest update. Thanks to interest and feedback from fellow ADNers (, for those of you not ‘in the know’), I’ve made some additional refinements to the script. Hat tip to ADN user ediventurin who pointed out that I could use the date in most IFTTT recipes to create the file name. Then I can parse the file name to add the Day One journal entry with the exact date and time of the feed / network / site post that I’m logging. This works well for most cases, but not all. (See the poorly-formatted comment in the code below for details.)

Anyhow, I went ahead and made the following updates:

  • Where possible the IFTTT recipes use the date of the post / tweet / etc. in the file name so the script can use it.
  • The IFTTT recipes also specify the type of post and the source so I can use just one script to handle photos and text. Now, all recipes drop the files in the same folder in Dropbox and only one Hazel rule is needed.
  • Date parsing has been updated to use the date of the post / tweet / etc from the file name where possible. Otherwise, I use the OS X file modification date.
  • I put the most rudimentary error handling in place so Hazel won’t delete the file if there is a problem. Who knows, maybe I’ll put some real error handling in someday.

Source code for the new script is below. I’m having trouble figuring out how to display it nicely. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

I’ve also put links to all of the IFTTT recipes at the bottom of this post. A special bonus for those of you who are bored / geeky / crazy enough to read this – I’ve added two new recipes for Reddit.

And, since all nerdiness needs a proper name, I hereby dub this delightful mess GadgetComa’s IFTTT Day One Logger: GiftttDY.